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    We envision Virginia Cross Elementary School as a multi-cultural community where students, parents, and teachers partner in life-long learning...

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  • Literacy Night

    The entire school had so much fun at Literacy Night! Second graders performed musical versions of fables, literacy games were played, and lots of books were read!

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    We learned so much at our 2nd Annual Cultural Night!

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    Mrs. Little's Class gets their brains ready to learn by taking Brain Breaks during the day. It looks like tons of fun!

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Support our School Donors Choose
Many of our VCE Teachers have written grants through Donors Choose.  Donors from around the country contribute funding so our teachers can receive materials and supplies for the classroom. 

Here are some of the grants that would like your support:

Big Books!  Little Books! Help Us Take a Bigger Look!

I Can't Hear the Story!  Will you Help Me?

Listen Up! We need a Listening Center

Readers are Leaders

Here are some grants that have already been funded in the 2013-2014 school year! Way to go!:

Help Us Have the Tools We Need to Hear and Focus!

Help Us Habe the Tools to Succeed in Reading!

Soaring for Success with Second Graders

Shark Club Attacks! Enthusiastic Students Love Learning!

PowerSchool Parent Portal Registration

PowerSchool Parent Portal Registration


Virginia Cross Elementary is happy to announce that parents can begin registering for the PowerSchool Parent Portal today.  The PowerSchool Parent Portal is a website that will allow parents to see their student's grades as they are updated by teachers.


Parents are asked to complete a parent verification process before accessing their student's grade and schedule information via the Parent Portal.  This is a one-time process and need only be completed in subsequent years if families enroll new students within Chatham County Schools.  The parent verification process helps to ensure the safety and security of all student grade and class schedule information as required by federal law.  


The parent verification process requires three steps:

  1. Parents are invited to download, and complete, the parent verification form from the Chatham County Schools homepage located at: http://www.chatham.k12.nc.us/.  This form is also available from our school's front office if you do not have access to a printer or the Internet.
  2. Parents are then asked to present a separate completed form at each school where families have students attending a Chatham County School.
  3. Parents will need to present some form of photo identification at each school to ensure the safety and security of student information.  For parents who are unwilling, or unable, to provide photo identification they may seek a public notary of their choice to notarize the verification form.

Information will be provided so that parents can go online to activate their PowerSchool Parent Portal account, once the parent verification process has been completed.


Parents are also welcome to attend Jordan Matthews High School on Wednesday, November 18 from 6:30pm until 8pm to complete this process.  This is a great opportunity to complete the parent verification process and all schools that feed Jordan Matthews High School will be present.  Parents who opt to have their verification notarized need to bring their notarized form with them to the event.  



We look forward to your participation in the PowerSchool Parent Portal!





 Registro para Padres de Familia PowerSchool


La escuelaVirgina Cross Elementary se complace en anunciar que los padres de familia pueden comenzar a inscribirse hoy en el Portal de Registros para Padres de Familia de PowerSchool.  El Portal de PowerSchool para Padres de Familia es una página web que permite a los padres de familia ver las calificaciones de sus estudiantes tal como fueron actualizados por los maestros.


A los padres  de familia se les pide completar un proceso de verificación antes de tener acceso a las calificaciones de su niño(a) y a la información de horarios a través del Portal para Padres de Familia.  Este proceso se hace una sola vez y sólo necesita ser completado en los años posteriores si las familias inscriben a nuevos estudiantes en las Escuelas del Condado Chatham.  El proceso de verificación ayuda a garantizar  la seguridad y confidencialidad de la información de todos los estudiantes y de la programación de clases como lo exige la ley federal.


El proceso de verificación de los padres de familia requiere de tres pasos:

1.     A los padres de familia se les pide descargar y completar el formulario de verificación para padres de familia ubicado en el portal de las Escuelas del Condado Chatham en: http://www.chatham.k12.nc.us/.  Este formulario también está disponible en la oficina principal de la escuela si no tiene acceso a una impresora o al Internet.

2.     Se les pide a los padres de familia presentar un formulario completo por separado en cada escuela dentro del Condado Chatham donde las familias tienen estudiantes.

3.     Los padres de familia tendrán que presentar algún tipo de identificación con fotografía en cada escuela para asegurar la protección y seguridad de la información del estudiante.  Para los padres de familia que no están dispuestos, o no pueden presentar una identificación con fotografía podrán recurrir a un notario público de su elección para notarizar el formulario de verificación.


La información será proporcionada para que los padres pueden conectarse en línea a través del Internet para activar su cuenta en el Portal para Padres de Familia de PowerSchool, una vez que el proceso de verificación de los padres ha sido completado.


Los padres también están invitados a asistir a la escuela Jordan Matthews High School en la fecha 18 de noviembre de las 6:30 pm hasta las 8:00 pm para completar este proceso. Esta es una gran oportunidad para completar el proceso de verificación de los padres de familia y de todas las escuelas que envían estudiantes a Jordan Matthews High School estarán presente.  Los padres de familia que optan por tener su verificación notariada necesitan traer su formulario notariado con ellos para el evento.


¡Esperamos contar con su participación en el Portal de PowerSchool para Padres de Familia!






Student Grade Access Update
Chatham County Schools will be launching a new website for parents to access their student's grades in October 2013.  This website is called the PowerSchool Parent Portal and will provide parents with real-time access to their student's grades.  

PowerSchool is a new product mandated by the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction for all school districts throughout the state.  The district, and our school, will be providing you with more information about the specific launch date for the website along with instructions for website account registration and use over the coming weeks.

The district has turned off references to viewing grades within SchoolFusion, the website you used last year to access grades, in the meantime.  SchoolFusion is not compatible with the newly mandated PowerSchool product.  We ask that you work with your student's teachers if you have a specific grade-related question.  Our school will be sending home progress reports between now and the launch of the PowerSchool Parent Portal.

As always, your patience is appreciated and we're happy to work with you if you have grade concerns between now and the launch of the PowerSchool Parent Portal in October.